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Thursday May 19

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10:00 AM  –  11:00 AM

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Reserve an entry window for visiting Seattle Children's Museum!

A ticket is required for each person in your group, children and adults. There is a maximum of 8 people allowed per entry time reservation.

Reserving an entry time is free! Admission will be charged on entry of the museum.

  • Member Admission is FREE, membership status will be verified when checking in during their entry window.
  • Non-Members of the museum will be charged for admission when checking in during their entry window. 

You may check-in at any time during your entry window. Late arrivals are not guaranteed entry and entry is subject to availability.

Seattle Children's Museum closes at 5pm for all visitors.

SCM is requiring masks for visitors ages 3 and up between 10am and Noon. Masks are recommended between Noon and 5 pm. Mask requirements can change, please visit our website for the current requirements prior to your visit.